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Thom Yorke - The Eraser

Tópico em 'Música' iniciado por Sister Jack, 13 Mai 2006.

  1. Sister Jack

    Sister Jack Usuário

    Agora é sério.

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    E-mail do Thom Yorke para o fã clube do WASTE:

    this is just a note to say that something has been kicking around in the background that i have not told you about.
    its called The Eraser.
    nigel produced & arranged it .
    i wrote and played it.
    the elements have been kicking round now for a few years and needed to be finished & i have been itching to do something like this for ages.
    it was fun and quick to do.
    inevitably it is more beats & electronics.
    but its songs.
    stanley did the cover.
    yes its a record!
    no its not a radiohead record.
    as you know the band are now touring and writing new stuff and getting to a good space so i want no crap about me being a traitor or whatever splitting up blah blah...
    this was all done with their blessing. and i don't wanna hear that word solo. doesnt sound right.
    ok then thats that. i think its out in july and im pretty certain XL are going to put it out.

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    So there you have it: Thom Yorke's un-solo album, The Eraser, is due out July 11 on XL Recordings. (Pretty cool that Thom Yorke decided to put his album out on an indie label, huh?) It was produced by Radiohead bosom buddy Nigel Godrich, and features the following songs (yes, they're all supposed to be lower case):

    01 the eraser
    02 analyse
    03 the clock
    04 black swan
    05 skip divided
    06 atoms for peace
    07 and it rained all night
    08 harrowdown hill
    09 cymbal rush (!!!!!!!)

    Various sources, including Billboard.com, report that the track "black swan" will play over the closing credits of Richard Linklater's new movie A Scanner Darkly. You know, the one with the animated images of Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder playing characters in a Philip K. Dick novel.

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    Última edição: 13 Mai 2006
  2. Goba

    Goba luszt

    Meu deus, é um mundo tomado por glicálix. :|

    Essa onda parece que vai ser foda, tomara que a brisa dure.
  3. Woodstock

    Woodstock Usuário


    report that the track "black swan" will play over the closing credits of Richard Linklater's new movie A Scanner Darkly


    EDIT: :clap:
    Última edição: 14 Mai 2006
  4. Sister Jack

    Sister Jack Usuário



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  5. Joseph Slater

    Joseph Slater Uoréver

    Finalmente entendi o que esse site é!

    Foda, etc.
  6. Sister Jack

    Sister Jack Usuário

    First Listen: Thom Yorke's The Eraser

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    Matthew Solarski reports:
    Major break-ups, deaths, and Thom Yorke records-- pretty much the only stories Pitchfork News wakes up on a weekend to break. A couple of Saturdays back, we caught wind that Yorke was planning his first-ever foray into, um, solitary territory ("i don't wanna hear that word solo," the man wrote in a W.A.S.T.E. e-mail), on a forthcoming album to be titled The Eraser. And now, we've had the distinct pleasure of hearing the album in its entirety. The Eraser is a sumptuous, Nigel Godrich-produced layer cake of plaintive piano, haunting synth squalls, and chugging guitars built atop skittish programmed beats and devoured by Thom Yorke's anguished ruminations on the pressures and paranoias attendant to fame and expectation. And no, it's not a techno record.

    Here's a track-by-track first glimpse at The Eraser:

    1. "the eraser": The title track opens with a muffled, repeated piano chord. After a few bars and a chord change, programmed beats settle in, and Thom interrupts, "Please excuse me but I got to ask," scraping the upper register. Soon, a gaggle of disembodied, moaning Thoms joins in for the chorus, which seemingly takes a cue from Morrissey: "The more you try to erase me/ The more that I appear".

    2. "analyse": Vocal and rolling piano lines launch this meditation on futility. "The fences that you cannot climb/ The sentences that do not rhyme," Thom laments, sad and clever all at once. And later: It gets you down/ You're just playing a part," one of many presumed jabs at self-identity. The chord progression somewhat recalls an accelerated "Knives Out", with a hesitant snare plodding along in the background, before Godrich drops in the first of The Eraser's many cinematic synth flourishes.

    3. "the clock": A cyclical guitar line lends this track an almost motorik vibe, albeit one evoking a leisurely Sunday drive. Click-clack beats add to the pace before the inevitable opening line: "Time is running out/ For us." By the end, Thom is humming a simple, bluesy melody over the steady but relentless rhythm.

    4. "black swan": Opens with an almost hip-hop beat, before a blues-inspired riff more than a little reminiscent of "I Might Be Wrong" drops in and sets the structure. "This is fucked up, fucked up," Yorke declares. Later, more identity crises are averted: "I don't care what the future holds/ 'Cause I'm right here and I'm today/ With your fingers you can touch me."

    5. "skip divided": Samples of Thom drawing breaths help form the percussive foundation of this dark stalker-ly declaration. Yorke's at his most conversational here, almost pub-drunk, revealing, "When you walk in a room I follow you 'round/ Like a dog/ I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a dog/ I'm a lapdog/ I'm your lapdog." Creepy.

    6. "atoms for peace": Thom returns, all homesick alien, beseeching you: "No more going to the dark side with your flying saucer eyes/ No more falling down a wormhole that I have to pull you out," and striving for some higher octaves during the chorus: "I wanna geeet ouuut/ And make it woooork." Celestial tones underscore a warm, bumbling bassline-- a relatively minimal arrangement compared to the rest of The Eraser. "So many lies/ So feel the love come off of them/ And take me in your arms," he sings. Thom's own "You're Beautiful"?

    7. "and it rained all night": And it's back to the Dark Side for The Eraser's chilliest number, a tune awash in eerie synth and driven by a Joy Division-esque bassline. Thom assumes the role of the poet-observer, surrealistically detailing visions of post-downpour New York, clipped vocal samples later piggybacking the bassline. It culminates in a strained, desperate: "I can see you/ But I can never reach you."

    8. "harrowdown hill": Don't get thrown off by the practically post-punk opening bass riff; more haunted synth and programmed beats soon drift in and turn things nocturnal once again. "I'm coming home to make it alight/ So dry your eyes," sings Thom-- one of the most conventional, pop-esque vocal melodies on the record. "I can't take the pressure/ No one cares if you live or die/ They just want me gone/ They want me gone." The moment is suspended to make way for some riffing, which closes out the song.

    9. "cymbal rush": We're greeted here by what sounds like the Pac-Man death sound effect kicked down an octave kicked down an octave; then more funereal, ambient synth, along with pitter-patter programmed percussion not unlike that on "Kid A". "Try to build a wall that is high enough," sings Thom. "It's all boiling over." Finally, the climax: percussion picks up, guitar enters over melancholic piano chords, and more disembodied Thoms float about, moaning-- until all drops out for one final blip-bloop parade, which sputters out to an abrupt finish.

    Regarding The Eraser, Yorke also wrote "inevitably it is more beats & electronics. but its [sic] songs," and that pretty much sums it up. The record is song-oriented to a perhaps surprising degree-- no instrumentals, all tracks pretty much in the four-minute range, mostly standard time signatures-- and emphasizes the trademark textural richness of Radiohead and Godrich.

    The Eraser lands in stores July 11 in the U.S. (lucky Brits get it a day earlier) via XL Recordings, but for now, those of you who enjoy being puzzled, hop on over to
    Este conteúdo é limitado a Usuários. Por favor, cadastre-se para poder ver o conteúdo e participar (não demora e não possui custos)
    for more (totally cryptic) album details.
  7. Goba

    Goba luszt

  8. Sister Jack

    Sister Jack Usuário

  9. Khansc

    Khansc Banned

    É corrimento? O Yorke devia se proteger.
  10. Sister Jack

    Sister Jack Usuário

    A bolsa de água quebrou.

    Temos que permanecer vago pra não ofender os fascistas.
  11. Khansc

    Khansc Banned

    Eles têm espiões. Nesse momento seu prédio está cercado. Corra.
  12. Sister Jack

    Sister Jack Usuário

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  13. Sister Jack

    Sister Jack Usuário

    Depois de algumas ouvidas, as que destacaram pra mim:

    The Eraser - parece o Aphex Twin fazendo um remix de uma música do Prince. O refrão é tão delicioso de ouvir.

    Skip Divided - aquele vocal "hmmm" fazendo a melodia é delicioso, parece algo meio delta blues/soul, o vocal grave do Thom encaixa perfeitamente.

    Atoms for Peace - simplesmente uma brilhante performance vocal do Thom, ele vai de grave pra agudo em uma piscada.

    Harrowdown Hill - abre com um riff meio funk super cool e sintetizadores, mas o que mata é o linha vocal do Thom no refrão. Extremamente pegajosa. "We think the same things at the same time, we just can't do anything about it".

    Depois eu volto com um review mais detalhado.
  14. Thico

    Thico The Passenger

    Cymbal Rush saiu perdendo no meio do disco?
  15. Sister Jack

    Sister Jack Usuário

    Ela é bem foda, mas ainda tá descendo na garganta. Parte de mim ainda quer de volta aquela batida "Tum Tum Tum Tum" rave-esca. O tempo dirá.
  16. Maedhros

    Maedhros Whadahell?

    Acabo de baixar e ouvir, mas ainda preciso ouvir mais e digerir antes de opinar...

    Mas de cara 'harrowdown hill' já me impressionou. E aquele "I want you to get out and make it work" em 'atoms for peace' é lindo e incrível.

    E pra mim 'cymbal rush' perdeu um pouco de seu brilho... mas isso (muito provavelmente) vai mudar.
  17. Thico

    Thico The Passenger

    Cymbal Rush perdeu aquele lance organico que ela tem na versão do Koko.

    Tenho que concordar com o Folco que as músicas que citou são as melhores, ainda botaria a Black Swan.

    Minha favorita até agora é Skip Divided, me remete imediatamente ao Medulla.
  18. Sister Jack

    Sister Jack Usuário

    Eu adiciono "And It Rained All Night" à minha lista ali em cima. É excelente, o baixo malvado, o vocal constantemente ritimico, os sintetizadores voando pra todo lado. Muito foda. "Black Swan" e "The Clock" ainda não me impressionaram.
  19. Sister Jack

    Sister Jack Usuário

    Depois de ouvir umas 20 vezes, tá mais ou menos isso:

    01. The Eraser - PRO
    02. Harrowdown Hill - PRO
    03. Atoms for Peace - PRO-
    04. Analyse - PRO-
    05. Skip Divided - PRO-
    06. And It Rained All Night - PRO-
    07. Cymbal Rush - pro+
    08. Black Swan - pro
    09. The Clock - mixed+

    Vamos ver como continua...
  20. Khansc

    Khansc Banned

    Inverte ela e você tem a minha lista. Quase exata.