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Tópico em 'Marvel: Avengers Alliance' iniciado por Ana Lovejoy, 22 Mai 2012.

  1. Ana Lovejoy

    Ana Lovejoy Administrador

    Até o momento são:

    Free Heroes

    Black Widow
    Pro: Her attacks are very useful because of the debuff/negative status that it gives, especially her third skill that can remove all of your opponents buff
    Con: Her attacks are weak and she can't deal a huge amount of damage, she also have a low defense add that to her low health means she can die very easily

    Pro: His fourth skill was very useful to your low accuracy heroes, he rarely miss and his third skill can cause stun
    Con: He can't deal a large amount of damage and can be killed easily since he have a low defense

    Pro: His attacks were strong especially his last skill that increases in damage as you use it on the same opponents over and over again (He can kill a Bruiser with two or three hits)
    Con: He's a Blaster which can make him easilly killed by a bunch of Tactician in PVP

    Pro: His attacks was strong and his third skill can grant a sure critical on the next ally attack on that target. His second skill can increase your evasion
    Con: His attacks cost a huge amount of stamina and since he have a not so very high stamina, you will be recharging a lot on a long battle

    Invisible Woman
    Pro: Her attacks can't trigger any counter skills, she can also attack anyone even though there was someone in your opponent with a guard status.
    Con: Her shield can be taken down very easily and she have a low defense

    Iron Fist
    Pro: His first and second skill combination was a good combination that can easily knock down huge amount of health, the combination can be devastating with his last skill. His third skill was a strong healing for one ally
    Con: He doesn't have a high defense, means he can be easily killed by some strong attacks

    Pro: Her last skill can greatly increase the strenght of her skills and she can be immuned to energy attacks. Her second skill will surely grant her two turns on the next round.
    Con: She's a Blaster which means Tactician will get two turns from her, she also have a low evasion and accuracy

    Pro: She have a great attack and her second skill grants her two turns and her third skill can cause stun
    Con: As a Bruiser her accuracy are very low which makes her miss often, she also have low evasion

    Black Cat
    Pro: She can deal a decent amount of damage if you used her third skill before she attacks, her Unlucky status can be very useful, she also have high accuracy and evasion
    Con: She have a low attack status and a low health

    Pro: Great health and defense, which make him an over-all tanker/protector especially with his second skill. His first and third skill was a good attack combination
    Con: As a Bruiser his accuracy was low making him miss often

    Pro: His attack was strong and his second and third skill will save you a couple of times in missions (mostly his second one)
    Con: He have a weak defense and also a low evasion add that on him being a Blaster... result... you might not want him in PVP

    Luke Cage
    Pro: Very damaging attacks and he also have a guard skill that can protect your allies... plus he can't be afflicted with bleed
    Con: He have a low evasion and a Bruiser can easily kill him

    Pro: Her attack was strong and all of it can put a negative status on your opponent
    Con: She have a low evasion which can be a reason for a Bruiser giving her a huge amount of damage

    Human Torch
    Pro: His attacks are strong and his second skill always burn your opponent (burn damage increases as he gets stronger), his third skill can regen not just his health but his stamina as well and removes chill status, and since he have a fiery body he can't be inflicted with burn.
    Con: Aside from him being a blaster, his last skill can be very damaging not just on your enemies but on his allies as well

    Kitty Pride
    Pro: Her first and second skill combination was devastating and her Phase status can make her evade any attack your opponent throws at her.
    Con: Her Phase status only last for one turn and also have a one turn cooldown and with her low health she can die very easily... especially against a Scrapper

    Pro: His last skill that can take down half of your opponent remaining health, his second and first skill combination can be very damaging leaving your opponent with a low accuracy, he also have a huge defense and accuracy
    Con: Aside from his low health and attack... His last skill was not very useful in PVP since the developer lowers it's effect for pvp and bosses. His third skill damage was very low if it was not a critical

    Spider Woman
    Pro: Have a strong attack and her third skill can make her counter with her second one giving your opponent a Biofeedback status. Her Biofeedback can take out a huge amount of health (depends on her level) on your opponent per turn. Her last skill can lower your opponents attack/accuracy/evasion for three turns
    Con: She have a low defense and stamina, making you heal and recharge very often

    Pro: Aside from his strong defense stat and attack skill, he have a guard skill that protects his allies, his third skill can also stun your opponent.
    Con: Like any other Bruiser his accuracy was very low and can miss often

    Pro: He have a high evasion, and his passive skill makes him almost never misses... he can still damages your opponent even though they are under the effect of Digital Decoy or Storms Protective Shroud. His second skill greatly increase his accuracy and evasion plus he counter anyone who attacked him. His three attacks can cause negative status.
    Con: Like any other scrappers his attacks can make a Bruiser stronger, which in the end might kill him

    Pro: His attack can't trigger any counter attacks and can attack anyone else even though one of your opponent have a guard status, his second skill will make him dodge an attack for two turns
    Con: His attack/defense/health was low

    Pro: Attacks are great and her second skill boost the accuracy of all allies, her third and last skill can add a negative status on your enemies.
    Con: Her defense and health was very low... add that to being a Blaster means she will die very easily, she also have a low stamina means you will recharge often if you want to use her last three skill

    Pro: Her second skill was a nice evasion skill for all allies making them evade her third skill and it's negative status. Her first skill can inflict a static charge that can damage your opponent on another electric attacks that you do on any enemy, her last skill can be damaging if your opponent have the negative status from her first and third skill
    Con: Aside from being a Blaster her defense/health/stamina was low

    War Machine
    Pro: His attack skills are strong and his fourth and third skill combination can kill all your opponents in one go.
    Con: He have a low accuracy which make him miss often and also have a low evasion.

    Captain America
    Pro: He have no weakness regarding to stats, since he have a generalist (equal) stat. His fourth skill was a very good guard skill since he will counter attack that opponent and add a target focus status on that enemy (very useful for low accuracy heroes) and his first skill can lower your opponents accuracy.
    Con: He have no strength since he have an equal stat

    Pro: A pure attacking machine... he gains a Hulk-up everytime he attack or he was attacked. One Hulk-Up will greatly increase the damage of his last three skills (Third and Last was an attack all that can add a negative status on them).
    Con: Because he was a Bruiser his accuracy and evasion was very-very low which means he can miss very often.

    Pro: His Great Responsibility passive skill was very useful and can also protect you from an attack all technique, his high evasion (which can also be increase with his second skil) can make him dodge almost all of the attack you throw at him.
    Con: He have a low attack stat, His Great Power skill doesn't give him a huge increase (maybe half of his original) and once his Great Reponsibility turned into Great Power he can't protect you anymore.

    Pro: Great attack stat, his third skill will put a buff on him, the greater the number of the buff the greater the damage for his first and last skill.
    Con: As a Bruiser he have a low accuracy which make him miss often and once you've used his first and last skill all the buff from the third one will be gone... doesn't matter if it hit the opponent or not... he also have a low evasion and stamina

    Pro: He can regenerate a certain amount of health every turn add his last skill with that... he can be hard to beat since he will greatly regenerate health, also his last skill will prevent bleed and poison on him. His first attack was instant two bleeds once it hit and with a ravage on his third skill, the bleed will take out almost a hundred health per bleed and his second skill was best for enemies with high defense.
    Con: There are tons of heroes that can't be inflicted with Bleed status and almost all of them are Bruiser that can easily kill him because of his low evasion.

    (prometo traduzir isso depois)


    aproveitem o espaço para comentar sobre quais você já tem, quais faltam para comprar, o que acha dos heróis, etc.
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  2. fcvisbisquejr

    fcvisbisquejr Usuário

    Já que o assunto é herói, queria aproveitar pra pedir a opinião dos "Top 5" e demais experts.
    Tenho 53 CP e 20 de ouro.
    Compro CP com o ouro (40 CP) ou vou juntando CP de forma normal e uso o ouro pra comprar arma ou outra coisa?
    Já tenho Hulk, Thor, Cap América e suas respectivas roupas do filme. Estava pensando no spider.
    O que faço?
  3. Ana Lovejoy

    Ana Lovejoy Administrador

    eu guardaria o ouro e ia juntando aos poucos, já que o aranha sempre estará lá (e de boas, não faz tanta falta assim, fora pra premium do capítulo 3). eu chuto aí uma semana para vc conseguir os cp para pegar o aranha. aí o ouro vc pode ir guardando para o caso de aparecer ou uma arma muito foda q valha a pena ou algum uniforme ou coisa que o valha de tempo limitado.
    • Ótimo Ótimo x 1
  4. fcvisbisquejr

    fcvisbisquejr Usuário

    Já estava tendendo pra essa ideia e agora tenho certeza.
    Tem alguma arma fodona pra comprar que vc indicaria??
    Estou no lvl 62 e por enquanto não vi nada que me agradace, nos lvl's seguintes tem alguma que valha a pena??
  5. Neithan

    Neithan Ele não sabe brincar. Ele é Mito

    Está bem de Gold. Se aguentou esperar tudo isso, eu não torraria não. Compraria algum item FODA que só se compra com Gold. CP consegue farmando Elektra, ou mesmo que seja mais lento, no decorrer dos capítulos.
    • Ótimo Ótimo x 1
  6. Lestar

    Lestar Usuário

    eu fiz a cagada de gastar gold em cp auhauha agora me arrependo , to tentando juntar 38 pra ara do 70 ( probelma q ja to no 79 auhuha e to com 14 ainda )
  7. Neithan

    Neithan Ele não sabe brincar. Ele é Mito

    Idem. Agora não tenho mais saco pra juntar Gold. Mas se já tem 20, vale muito a pena.
  8. fcvisbisquejr

    fcvisbisquejr Usuário

    Blz. Vou guardar ouro pra arma do lvl 70.
    A real mesmo é que eu não to afim de comprar o spider, quero comprar outros heróis pra ir fechando a coleção.
    Dos "não tops", quais vc acham que vale a pena pelo custo benefício?
  9. Neithan

    Neithan Ele não sabe brincar. Ele é Mito

    Quais você já tem?

    Dos baratos, gosto da She-Hulk, da Viuva Negra com uniforme Avenger + lvl 9, a Invisible Woman é uma boa Infiltrator também. Dos de 15 CP's, Iron Fist é um ótimo Scrapper, pelo preço.
  10. Nauttilus

    Nauttilus Usuário

    • Gostei! Gostei! x 4
  11. fcvisbisquejr

    fcvisbisquejr Usuário

    Eu tenho:
    Iron Man / Black Widow / Hawkeye / Cyclops / Dr. Strange / War Machine / Spider Woman / Hulk / Black Cat / Cap America / Thor

    Eu tava pensando no Iron fist / Luke Cage / Daredevil / Torch / She-Hulk e talves Ms. Marvel (eu vi ela dando uns danos monstro)
  12. Neto Coelho

    Neto Coelho Triforce User

    Gostaria de saber a opnião de voces sobre o wolverine.
  13. Wolverine é bom, na minha opinião, porém não uso muito ele pelo fato do meu time ser outro em PvP...
  14. Nauttilus

    Nauttilus Usuário

    Na minha opinião ele é o q tem melhor BUFF ofensivo, o "bleeding" dele é x2, com 3 ataques vc consegue o máximo de bleeding permitido (5), que no meu caso em lv9 tira 116x5 por rodada, mesmo q ele erre um dos golpes causa o efeito 2x, contra chefes chatos é a melhor arma combinado com o fator de cura dele que remove e previne quaisquer efeito negativo sobre ele.
  15. W_Shade

    W_Shade Usuário

    Seguinte ontem fui comprar o Uniforme Scrapper do Hulk mas acabei comprando o Bruiser sem querer só fui ver depois (tava meio dormindo) será que vale a pena comprar o Scrapper também do Hulk...faltam 6 dias e já estou com 64 CP faltam 10 .....ou deixo pro Thor ou Cap...
  16. Nauttilus

    Nauttilus Usuário

    CAP. AMÉRICA é o melhor investimento.
  17. W_Shade

    W_Shade Usuário

    Quando comecei o jogo pensei que iria deixar o Cap em um dos ultimos (num gostava muito dos HQ's dele) mas num vai ter jeito...vai ter que ser o próximo...
  18. Neto Coelho

    Neto Coelho Triforce User

    Amanhã começo a corrida épica pra pegar américa e roupa avengers.
  19. fcvisbisquejr

    fcvisbisquejr Usuário

    Recrutei o Daredevil e o Luke Cage.
    Tá, eu sei que são mesma classe, mas num dá nada.
  20. Ana Lovejoy

    Ana Lovejoy Administrador

    demolidor é o melhor scrapper, na minha opinião. o lvl2 dele é ótimo, e ele dá uns golpes bem bons. sempre que entro em batalha mais difícil e preciso de scrapper acabo colocando ele (sim, ele é mais barato que o wolverine, que na minha opinião é bom, mas não tão bom quanto o demolidor).

    luke cage é uma bosta, só serve para os deploys.