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Poesia Completa de Tolkien a ser lançada em setembro por Wayne Hammond e Christina Scull



Três volumes, 1600 páginas. Vai incluir todos os poemas inclusive os relacionados à Terra-média e também a tradução poética incompleta do Beowulf. Aquela que Christopher Tolkien não quis incluir na edição do Beowulf onde constou só a tradução em prosa.

Mais de 200 poemas e 60 deles completamente inéditos.


HarperCollins have announced the Collected Poems as a three-volume boxed set. The Amazon UK description gives its extent as 1,368 pages, which is close to the number in our typescript; in fact, the printed text will run to more than 1,600 pages. There are currently no plans for a de luxe edition, but we’re aiming for an elegant trade release. We have not yet heard about a U.S. edition.
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Sempre tem umas exceçõeszinhas mas essa conversa de logística da "economia da produção" eu não sei se cola mais... Aí tem.

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Um dos poemas não publicados do Tolkien ( na verdade dois, "GBS" e "Companheiros da Rosa") é pro amigo morto na Primeira Guerra Mundial, George Bache Smith, o qual, tendo um volume de poemas postumamente editado pelo Tolkien, foi o tema de uma série de conferências da Tolkien Society no ano passado.

A inclusão ou exclusão desses dois poemas na coletânea pode ou não estar relacionada com isso aqui:

“I thought there was a sort of gentle subtext that Geoffrey might have had feelings for Tolkien,” I said. “He gives the speech about unrequited love, and I was wondering if there was a historical basis to that, or if it was something you added.”

“The thing is that Stephen Beresford, one of our writers, is gay, and he read all of the letters and all of the poems, and he was like, 100% fact that Geoffrey was gay,” Karukoski told me. “We can’t claim that. When I read the letters, I thought, what if this was just a very, very intimate friendship. So we kind of portrayed it that way. So that it would be honest to Geoffrey Smith, that if he had feelings toward Tolkien, kind of that comes [through in the movie].”

A possibilidade de que havia algo de "queer" na amizade entre JRRT e GBS já que, muita coisa indica, o poeta era homossexual.

The relationship between Smith and Tolkien is certainly hinted to be something more. “You want to make the art, not comment on it, and leave it up for other interpretations,” says Boyle. “But when you look at the letters between Geoffrey and Tolkien, I found, as did Stephen Beresford [co-writer of the screenplay] that a lot of the language used is romantic, the way they write to one another. And Geoffrey’s last act on Earth, after he was hit by shrapnel, was to write a letter to Tolkien, not to his lover, not to his sweetheart — his last act as he was dying was to write a letter to Tolkien.”

He pauses. “Stephen said something brilliant — it’s not taking a liberty with this character, there’s no direct proof that he was in love with him, but if we don’t follow our nose when these clues are given to us then we’re writing these people out of history.

O conto tb inédito, Brothers in Arms, também pode estar relacionado tematicamente a eles.

Tudo bem que há que se considerar o contexto histórico onde havia a Amizade Romântica entre indivíduos do mesmo sexo:

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Foi, inclusive, o George Bache Smith que presenteou Tolkien com sua primeira cópia do Mabinogion, a coletânea de contos mitológicos galeses, como a Dimitra Fimi bem explicou no texto dela:

An example of how specialized this collection can be is the so-called “Mabinogion” from both the Red Book of Hergest and the White Book of Rhydderch in four editions: those by Rhŷs and Evans (1887), by Evans (1907), by Edwards (1921) and by Mühlhausen (1925), as well as its famous translation by Lady Guest (1913). Tolkien also owned a copy of Pedeir Keinc y Mabinogi, being a reduced reproduction of a part of the Rhŷs and Evans 1887 edition, bequeathed to him by his school friend G.B. Smith, who died in the Great War. This is the only Celtic book found within the Tolkien MS collection in the Bodleian library (Tolkien E16/20).[1]

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Trecho interessante do livro do Clyde Kilby ( reforçando a impressão de que, no material poético e narrativo ainda inédito de Tolkien, tem coisas que desafiam a percepção convencional "agnotológica" sobre o autor e sua obra:

"As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible,
but more mysterious..."
— Will Durant

6] was invited to dinner with some of the faculty at Christ Church and afterwards one member asked me if The Silmarillion had any sex, in the modern sense, in it. Next day I mentioned this to Tolkien and, to my surprise, he said he had written a couple of sex stories, though he did not volunteer to show them to me. Readers of The Lord of the Rings know of the moving account of love between Arwen and Aragorn, and when The Silmarillion is published we shall have others of the same sort, but they are vastly different from what we call sex stories today.

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Palestra do John Garth em Oxford comentando sobre a amizada entre Tolkien e GBS. E o valor da Biografia como literatura apesar das reservas de Tolkien contra o gênero.


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