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Programa Tabletop


estou criando um programa para jogar rpg online - entretanto este tem algumas regras que eu mesmo criei. Gostaria de discutir a opinião das pessoas a respeito disto. - principalmente sobre o fato de d&d ter tanto combate que o estão considerando um jogo de tabuleiro.

Fiz um longo tópico sobre o assunto e demorei um bocado para escreve-lo e infelizmente está em ingles...

Não sei se posso postar em ingles aqui e se não puder, peço desculpas aos moderadores - me avisem que retiro imediatamente.

Para os que nao sabem ingles basta copiar o texto e colar no google - ferramentas de tradução...

Peço desculpas novamente pela preguiça!

Um abraço, Paulo


I've been dm'ing games for the last 20 years, since d&d (ad&d) 1.st edition.

I would like to know if someone here thinks like me. I AM CURRENTLY CREATING A PROGRAM TO PLAY ONLINE.
I also like to know if there's people willing to playtest it with me when it's ready.

You probably have heard of John Wick's statement that D&D is more like a board game than a rpg game.
Problem is, I think that he's an asshole with a good point.
(other people seems to think alike; see http://mxyzplk.wordpress.com/2008/03/27/dd-4e-a-board-game/)

In all my years of gaming, my group and I had the same problem, over and over: COMBAT is too slow.
A SHORT combat with 5 players and, say, 8-10 monsters/npcs takes about half to one hour.

That not only disrupts the ongoing of ANY story, but poses a fair more complex problem: we spend 80% of gaming (real world) time in combat, IF NOT MORE.
The fact that the greatest majority of published material (e.g., "adventures") focus again on a series of "encounters" does not help at all.
I urge you to please look at any fantasy movie, from LOTR to Narnia - EVEN the 2 D&d "Official" movies, and you'll see that combat takes about 10-25% of the movie.

So I created, about 10 years ago, a program which allowed me to overcome it. (I am a professional programmer). The biggest problem was at that time the inexistence of internet - It was a single program who did it all and the much abused and poor DM (e.g., myself) has to do type everything. All this around a gametable - all people were there. Even so, combat time was reduced to about a half.

Now, I am making new version of it. Here are the features and I'm opening this to discussion.
The program and the game system are called "Smart RPG".

This is not for profit. I will not sell it nor charge anything for it, nor I am planning to do so. I am making it only to allow myself and my players to play online and that's all, so please do not think I'm doing some kind of cheap/crap advertisement here.

Here are the goals
1- Make combat time (real world time) to a maximum 25% of gaming time.
2- Make the game world significantly less magical. Eliminate spells and spellbooks. Make magic free.
3- Eliminate LOOTING, MONTY HAUL and HACK-AND-SLASH only adventures.
4- Eliminate classes. Characteres should behave more like people and less like archetypes. KEEP, however, cooperation and specialization if desired.
5- KEEP d&d combat and traps just like it is - ok, it's like a board game but we love it. Find a way to use all cool spells (I.E, FIREBALL!!!) without disrupting idea 2
6- Keep characters stats, skills and the like COMPATIBLE with current 4th and old 2nd and 3rd editions material.
7- Play online. Make the interface simple and FAST.
8- Never, ever, even in the face of the worst possible torture run a wandering monster :-)

Here are the implementation
The program will run a VARIATION of 4th edition.

1) The world is significantly less magical than any ad&d world - and I usually play in Forgotten Realms - my version of it is much, much less magical. (more of the world later). The world is more alike the real medieval europe - from 900 to 1300 - the excelent magical medieval society series gives a very good background on this.

2) The player DOES NOT KNOW his stats. He would have an idea of how far his character is going because more powers and feats and others are there but he really does not know any of his stats. Each players choses, however, how much percentage will be applied to any skill and to any MATERIAL / RACE / PLACE / SCHOOL (see MAGIC)

3) No looting. (Yep, you heard it). No more kill the monster to grab the money and/or weapons to sell it to buy more stuff to... kill more monsters. If you like this kind of thing, please go play diablo :-). I solved this with 2 simple and unorthodox rules. 1st) All magic weapons are tied to a person, e.g., created FOR the person. In all other hands the weapon behaves just like a normal weapon. This allows for interesting quest rewards... 2nd) No more money. I assume, WITHIN reason, that players have the money to buy almost everything they wish - the problem is not having the money but finding the correct shops in the correct towns. That again will lead to lore searching, library delving and people-talking to find the information needed.

4) Experience points are awarded only by the IMPROVEMENT IN THE STORY. Think like this: The DM and the players are there to CREATE AND TELL A STORY, together. This is the ultimate goal. Killing monsters/evil sorcerers, solving puzzles and rescuing damsels are just tools to tell the story.

5) As of the current version, there are about 40 skills, under 5 categories (scholar, physical, hability, empathy and people). You can spend xp points in any skill or category. xp points in the category are valid for all the skills under this category, but count as 10% of the original value. Depending upon the quantity of xp points in each skill a correspondent d&d ccharacter can be "calculated". Please notice that internally the skills points are floating point values which leads to a more natural division.

6) There are other places to put xp points: magic schools(7), materials(9) (air, fire, water...), places (underdark, wilderness, bigcity, extraplanar, etc) and races (wilderness, underwater, dragonkind / airborne, underdark, extraplanar, etc). There are several (20+) combinations from these, however, there are a total of about 20 places (not counting skills) to put xp's. For example, putting xp on water is the same as putting xp on underwater(race) or underwater/sea/river(place).

7) You can do ANYTHING you want with magic. You'll have to choose one verb + one school + (depending on verb and school - a place and/or a race and/or a material). I will not enter the details here, but distance, size, area/people affected all are modifiers to do magic. This may seem to be in contradiction with the idea of a less magical world, but it is not since there are HEAVY penalties for duration and distance. Just to give an idea a first level mage could (create fire) ==> create (verb) (using school conjuration) fire (material fire) for (1 second - no penalty) from himself (again, no distance penalty) having no control whatsoever over the 1-second flame (no control penalty). He would have to assign 1 xp point to fire and 1 xp point to conjuration. Maybe you think that's nothing - it's a cantrip in ad&d - but think that if he's trapped in a dungeon cell, he could have the straw or any kind of cloth in fire, and could perhaps put the heavy WOODEN door in fire, too. The guards will have then to open the door and... Magic can be very powerful if you'll could do ANYTHING with it - no matter how small or quick. I WANT PLAYERS THAT THINK!!!

8) I tried to preserve almost all of combat: all powers and feats that do damage will be there - just to do that: DAMAGE. Any SPELL effect will cease to exist at the end of combat. Some things I had to left out: month-duration charms, teleportation (ugh!), passing trough walls, FLY (remember that GANDALF IS A GOD AND HE DID NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO FLY and so on), LEVITATE. Fire spells do only damage to living tissue and do not put things on fire. i.e, you can't use a fireball to destroy the entire library, but you can kill all the people inside it - it's combat, again. All states (dazed, prone, etc) and all actoins (bull rush, charge, etc) are preserved and are kind of cool IMHO.

9) HERE ARE the most dificult part - keeping d&d combat and do not allow "combat magic" to be used outside combat. I am trying here to make a compromise - keeping our much loved d&d combat and at the same time creating more believable adventures. Think, for example of the stealth skill. You could have a 10th level thief with a high percentage of hide/stealth... or you could cast silence (2nd level spell) and invisibility (3rd level spell) and have a 100% stealthy character. (please do not flame this - it's just to give an example!). A partial solution was to create the concept of "Battle magic". That means that these spells can be used only in an encounter. You could say - then I can't cast a fireball outside combat? - the answer will be - Yes you can cast it. Roll initiative and combat will start. Perhaps the other side will be faster than you. Ah, they does not know you're there - well there's rules for it - it's called "surprise roll". If there's no one in the room please remember that these spells affect only living tissue - casting a fireball in a pile of straw will NOT put fire on straw - but will ignite GREASE - which is the same kind of magical material. And of course, will not ignite oil - we can't win everything :-)

9a) More examples: you can HOLD A PERSON within a combat, with this spell will end at a specific number of rounds. There's a upper limit to all spells - 10 rounds maximum, no matter what is the caster level (Maybe there are exceptions, I'm not very good at guessing the future). So you can't use it to bypass the guards. You'll have to bring the combat on, make a lot of noise (silence spells only keep people from speaking, they DO NOT reduce noise). If you want stealth, then you'll have to spend xp points on the "hide/stealth/move silently" skill. Even if you HOLD PERSON TO ALL THE GUARDS, the encounter will go on and the combat rules will apply until all guards are killed or unconscious or the 10 round limit has passed.

I welcome all comments... and I'm sorry for the size of the post.

Paulo Egidio aka Konnorian, the Paladin.

Valinor 2023

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