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Tópico em 'Atualidades e Generalidades' iniciado por Sister Jack, 24 Fev 2002.

  1. Sister Jack

    Sister Jack Usuário

    LORD OF THE RINGS: FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING Picks Up 5 BAFTAS including Best Picture!!!!
    Hey Folks, Harry here... Well FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING is picking up more steam as it raked in the big win with the BAFTA Awards taking in Film, Director, Special Visual Effects, Make up & Hair as well as the Film of the Year Audience Award. This is very good for FOTR s Academy Chances as it now has the AFI and BAFTA wins. Next we ll have to look and see how the various Guild Awards go, because usually they point the most direct direction for the ACADEMY s results. I do have one odd note... How did a film filled with fairly straight forward 1930 s clothes and costumes beat MOULIN ROUGE or FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING s magnificent costume design. Perhaps the addage, less is more? Hmmm... Intriguing eh? Another win of note is that once again MOULIN ROUGE has picked up a music award, though it is not even nominated due to Academy regulations for an Oscar? Is this justice? Will this force the Academy to reexamine and possibly create a best Adapted Music Soundtrack in the future? We ll see. Here s the winners....
    Hi Harry - how s it going? Big X here chiming in from England to tell you that the British Academy film awards were presented tonight. Thought you might like to know some of the results..........

    Here we go: The BAFTA Awards 2002 – The List in Full

    Best Film: The Lord of the Rings

    Best Director: Peter Jackson – The Lord of the Rings

    Best Actor: Russell Crowe – A Beautiful Mind

    Best Actress: Judi Dench – Iris

    Best Supporting Actor: Jim Broadbent – Moulin Rouge

    Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Connelly – A Beautiful Mind

    Best Special Visual Effects: The Lord of the Rings

    Best Make Up and Hair: The Lord of the Rings

    The Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music: Moulin Rouge

    Best Sound: Moulin Rouge

    Best Original Screenplay: Amelie

    Best Adapted Screenplay: Shrek

    Best British Film: Gosford Park

    Best Production Design: Amelie

    Best Cinematography: The Man Who Wasn’t There

    Best Editing: Mulholland Drive

    Best Foreign Language Film: Amores Perros

    Best Costume Design: Gosford Park

    Best Short Film: About A Girl

    Best Animated Short: Dog

    BAFTA Academy Fellowship: Warren Beatty and Merchant Ivory Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema: Vic Armstrong Special Award: Eon (James Bond)

    Orange Film of the Year: The Lord of the Rings (voted by the public)

    Pra quem não sabe, Bafta é o oscar inglês e SDA recebeu os dois melhores prêmios. Q venha o oscar!


    (Clube da Insônia)
  2. Dagorlad

    Dagorlad Usuário

    sera que isso vai influenciar na decisao do OSCAR?

    qual é a vantagem de ter uma assinatura?
  3. Feanor_The Old

    Feanor_The Old Usuário

    Que premiação mais doida. O que é Bafta afinal? Parece nome de inseticida.

    The King in Crimson comes...

    [Clube da Insônia]
  4. bombadil

    bombadil FATHERLESS

    O pessoal tem que aprender a abrir tópicos nos outros fóruns tb!

    "Then Tom put the Ring round the end of his little finger and held it up to the candlelight... There was no sign of Tom disappearing!"