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[L] [And then I met a man...][Letisgu, The Mad Goba]

Tópico em 'Clube dos Bardos' iniciado por Goba, 9 Mar 2003.

  1. Goba

    Goba luszt

    [And then I met a man...][Letisgu, The Mad Goba]

    Bom pessoal, é meu segundo texto aqui. Ele é um suspense criado por mim, e bem, infelizmente pra alguns ele está em inglês. :?

    Fiz ele em inglês para treinar o dialeto pra mim mesmo, e depois eu vou colocar ele em português! :obiggraz:

    Bem, aí segue a introdução...

    (gostaria que aqueles que lessem apontassem os erros contidos no texto, que não devem ser alguns! eu agradeceria! :mrgreen: )
  2. Goba

    Goba luszt

    And then I met a man...


    The words that will folow won't be ever written or spoken again, coz if that happend, the own world estructure shall shake, and we all shal burn into the flames from the world above described!
    Each period above separet a union of words that sould never exist, and, as I said, shall never be spoken written or spoken again. I fear now my own shadow, and I don't know how much time has passed since I've started to avoid people. And how much time is there for me to breath. Be careful, coz this could be your damnation or your salvation! Then it goes...


    I'm walking beneath the sun that burns even my soul in this tortuos mexican streets. Finally i've seen a shadow! Stoped, laied my head on the tree that give me that great gift. Wierd, I listen to someone whispering a music, or something, but there's no one near me.

    -Wanna a cigaret?
    A strange man apears by my side. He's smoking, and also offers cigarets from a box.
    -No, I don't need more heat then alread is. But I don't mind if you smoke near me. I was adicted, stoepd, but the smell still leeds me to relax like a women in the moment she's payed to get laied, if you get me! He he he...
    -Oh I get you. Better then you imagine! Where are you from pal?
    -I'm from the sweet California baby! And you?
    -You will not recognize the names from where I've come! They'll frighten you earlier then I want you to be.
    -Ha Ha Ha... What's that man? C'mon, I've pretty odd stuff to scare my self with a fuckin name! HAHAHA! But whatever man, what brings you into this fuckin fire palace?
    -To know you.
    -Hahahaha... Are you high pal? Coz talking bullshit you alredy is!
    -I ain't talkin any bullshit Don. I am here to meet you. What's up?
    -How tha fuck do you know my name? ... Wait, I'm alucinating. Really good kick pal... But who the hell are you?

    -I'm a lot of things. You'll understand. And to believe that I'm more that I seen to be, well, I know that you've been born in setember 11, at the year of 1969. You were born in a van, your father were hippies. A fact that you do try to hide. And no one that isn't your brother Danny knows of that. And me, of course. Don Smith, half-brother of Danny Yerchov. Yeah, your hippie brother was a pretty slut wasn't she?

    Anger came up my head. He was talking trues that should never come to life, and I did not acepted that,
    -Hear me you motherfucker! I don't know when and with who you've gotten all this fuckin crap, but is pure bullshit! I have no idea of what a fuck you're talking about, or who's the motherfucker liar that told you that stuff, but I've got no more time to waste with you ok? Bye then!
    -Hehe... Do not hide yourself from your past Don! It's back there, solo as mine past is, and I'm willing to tell all about my past. Come here tonight, at midnight. I'll be waiting. Don't disapoint me Don. I know you won't...

    He finishes his sentence on puting fire in the cigaret. Puting fire literaly, righ in the middle of the cigaret, and somehow smoking it. I turned my back and I haven't listened nothing after won't.

    At the hotel room I think about the wierd case of this afternon. Who could be that man? How does he know stories of my dark past that I haven't told even to my greatest friend? There's only way to figure it out: I'm meeting him tonight.
  3. Goba

    Goba luszt

    Chapter One - Many Names

    "There and back again", as was written by Tolkien. It sure was to swep away all my curiosity, but there was one more feeling envolved. Something that is not the ansiety, but some kind of adventure feeling. I wanted to explore a new world. I disered to go at the limit. And it was not my self. Before I met that man, I wanted my life thinked, in trails. Now, I'm and adventurer.

    I sure wanted to make sure to look confident and fearless, so I've gotten out earlier from the hotel and arrived at the same tree I was that afternoon at 11:30 p.m. But he was alredy there. And no, I did not look confident and fearless.

    -Yeah, right in time sheep. - he says getting out of the alley and blowing the cigaret smoke at my face. Cigaret that he'd never was seen without.
    -What? Sheep? What do you mean? And it's half an hour earlier, it's not in time!
    -Yes, it's time. What thoughts says, words can't denie. But I saw the real time of this meeting in the smell of your ansiety, of your own curiosity. No, the time wasn't 0:00, it was earlier. You asked for that, the air, the birds, the tree, the streets. The time IS now.
    -Bullshit... And what a fuck did you meant when you refered to me as "sheep"?
    -You'll get all the "bullshits" I say. You'll understand every sheep, eye, ear and soul.
    -How will I get somethig that maybe a senseless lie?
    -Does your heart say that I am a lie? That this is a lie?
    -My heart is as confuse as my mind. I'm here to listen, and to maybe understand.
    -If you want to understand, it'll be enough your atention. Your ears, eyes and life got to be turned on my words. You'll listen, see and maybe die.

    -DIE??? 8O
    -IT's a little fairy tale - he says ignoring my last sentence - that I'll tell you. Let's take a walk, coz you'll want the possibility to run away. Oh, and if you get frightened, don't worry: part of the fun.
    -Well, I'm nervous, but I can't say frightned... And I don't think you can inspire fear pal. For more odd that this is...
    -Well brave man, so we shall walk and talk until the Sun no longer exist! But, before, have you discovered how do I know about your past? Your real past?
    -No... And where have you fucking got that information? Danny told you didn't he? That stupid son of a bitch!

    -Calm down! It wasn't Danny! And it was a question to instigate your curiosity about this talk. Listen to my tale, and you'll find out how do I know.
    -You bastard motherfucker. Answer that! And also answer me what a fuck is that dying crap all about? What did you meant with that?

    As I finish that phrase, I rub my hand al over my face cleaning the sweat form my face. But that don't work: my hands are as sweated as my face. The sweat only spread in my face, showing how nervous I really am. Once again he does not answer to my questions and goes on talking:

    -I shall tell you my storie following the many names I had alredy been called. And some names I gave to my self. But you'll hear then all, and believe me, I had many, many, many names. Let's take I walk, and I'll start with...