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"Liches, skeletons, zombies, and even more fearsome shambling monstrosities shudder with ungainly grace after meals of blood and souls..." Here’s the full set of maps from Open Grave!

When the sun sets

bump!!hahaThe documentary looked at the Second World War, the war and bloody full of my eye, hard to imagine the cruelty of war, the countless people lost their homes, relatives and friends at the same time, also lost their happiness and hope. Who will placate those sad soul? Is now the world? Perhaps today's world is not yet qualified it - the Middle East, starting four continuous phone-what? Indonesia in 1998 the Chinese were slaughtered again what is? Sri Lanka Tamil Tigers and the bloody conflict, what? Perhaps those sad soul can only come out at night, because night, do not see sorrow. A German soldier, said: "War is a game between the rich." Well, I think, this game is the cost of tens of thousands of innocent civilians as well as the lives of the suffering. Who can afford such a game? People would rather see this kind of games. Documentary film on the number of terrorist to be true: during World War II, a total of more than 5700 million people died. Poland is affected by the Nazi destruction of the most serious one of the countries, the death of more than 600 million people, only three Auschwitz concentration camp Jews were killed there were 2,900,000. In Asia, only China on the death of more than 1200 million people. Japanese troops in Nanjing within a week to carry out Sanguang policy, there are as many as 300,000 people were hands! I do not like the bloody corpses strewn environment, what people fear, despair, psychological, may be forthcoming in the sunset surrounded by dark world, feel that they will never get out of the dark and can not see tomorrow the sun. I can not imagine, in the sunset, when Auschwitz and that the eyes of sadness; I can not imagine, in the sunset, when the city of Nanjing that the wail; I can not imagine, in the sunset When the Palestinian people under the Wailing Wall in the red blood That all people are so desperate! The sunset glow in the sunset, in the shadow of war. The darkness of war, it has become the dark heart vicious. World War II broke out, the oppressed Jews everywhere, and the Polish nation and the Jewish nation are suffering. All over the world man-made "all the suffering people of one mind", the Poles will help the Jews, the Poles are in time for July 10, 1941, before the development of the Nazi massacre of Jews plan, to kill the north-east Poland Jews in the town of about 1600. The second Polish Holocaust no reason, France and Germany in 1945 fall of an empire, the United States liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp, while the Poles are used to celebrate a massacre off the Nazis! Darkness more dark and brutal it has become more brutal! Meet the sunset seems to be the only darkness. Wow leveling, wow gold, Cheap WoW Power Leveling Store wow power leveling, we professionally focused on providing wow powerleveling service and offers 24/7 non-stop power leveling and wow gold service. With the quickest speed and best service we will satisfy your powerleveling aspiration for your game. We only employ the most professional players and assign only those familiar with your specific class to play your characters. So your character can be leveled by our professional players who are expert in World of Warcraft,We have helped thousands of players reached their desired levels at their appointed time. In addition, we have a strong credit standing and the safety of your Wow leveling, wow gold Cheap wow power leveling Store account will be protected forever. Our motto is "Do what you wish!".传奇私服 And our high quality service, good reputation and competitive price will make you enjoy your purchase from us. Read a set of photographs of the modern Middle East war, the most sensitive chord not bloody, but a sad eyes and a sunset. A messy hair, dirty little girl, standing next to a lot of corpses, the helpless eyes staring straight sunset, but will not help it seems there is a ray of hope ... ... When the sun sets, darkness approaching, I would like to sincerely pray, pray in the dark after the end is a bunch of peace, full of hope, to appease the soul of the dawn of grief!

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