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RotWK Patch 2.02

Tópico em 'Jogos Tolkienianos' iniciado por Styx, 11 Jul 2007.

  1. Styx

    Styx Banned

    The rumours about getting a new patch 2.02 for RotWK has been confirmed. The member, [email protected], who is registered at Gamereplays.org has confirmed this, saying that all BFME series are getting the attention of EA so that they will continue patching it.

    More words from [email protected] himself:

    "EA have expressed their intentions to continue patching the BFME series games: 1, 2, and RotWK. I'm very pleased to say they've chosen me for consultation where RotWK is concerned.

    After consultation with a few of RotWK's top players such as JuanRing and GodForbid, as well as DMK thanks to his sterling work with the DC patch, I compiled a list of suggested changes. However, the amount of changes we can submit are more limited than I'd like, so we've had to trim it down.

    So, here's the list I'm submitting to EA.

    - Host player command lag advantage fixed (yes, it's theoretically possible)
    - Out of synch issues to be addressed, due both to intentionally caused OOS and the Battlewagon's flaming barrel attack
    - Elf Lindon Horse Archer trample bug to be fixed
    - Isengard Ballista damage bug to be fixed
    - Goblins' Half-Troll Swordsman attack speed to be fixed
    - Angmar Black Numenorian attack speed to be fixed
    - Mordor Black Orcs attack speed to be fixed
    - Fellwind exploit fixed - Fellwind to cause no damage to buildings
    - Angmar Ice Arrow bug to be fixed for Fortress Towers and Battle Towers
    - Isengard Dragonstrike - issue with the dragon getting stuck when flying over fortresses to be addressed
    - Morgomir Dark Glory bug to be fixed - supposed to give +50% damage and +50% armour instead of +50% damage and -50% armour
    - Lurtz Cripple Strike to no longer work on Shade of the Wolf and Fellbeasts
    - Wormtongue Corrode Allegiance ability to no longer work on Balrog and Shade of the Wolf
    - Mordor Easterling Heavy Armour bug to be fixed
    - Heal bug to be fixed for Rogash, the Angmar Witch-King, and the Mordor Witch-King when not on the fellbeast.
    - Revive costs for Gothmog, Azog, Haldir and Gorkil to be fixed
    - Crystal Moat bug to be fixed (Eagle un-revivable)
    - Angmar catapults with Ice Munitions splash damage bug to be fixed

    - Dain's Mighty Rage recharge time doubled
    - Dain does 50% less damage to a fortress
    - Men of Dale from an Inn cost increased to 300 (from 150)
    - Dwarf Forge Works cost increased to 700 (from 500)
    - Dwarf Phalanx 25% more vulnerable to Pierce damage
    - Isengard Warg Sentry cost increased to 600, and dead wargs take 50% longer to respawn

    1. Snow Bind spell reduced to 5pp (from 10pp) and moved to where Blight originally was. Area of effect of Snow Bind reduced by 50%.
    2. Summon Barrow-Wights reduced to 10pp (from 15pp) and moved to where Snow Bind originally was.
    3. Blight spell increased to 15pp (from 5pp) and moved to where Summon Barrow-Wights originally was. Larger radius of effect (increase by 50%). As well as reducing income from resource structures, Blight also causes an effect the same as a sorceror's Well of Souls. Enemies under the area of effect are poisoned over time, and if they die they become Lesser Wights. The spell is now castable on any area containing enemy units or enemy resource structures (currently it can only be cast on resource structures)

    It's important to remember, however, that we don't have official confirmation that it'll happen yet: this is just what I've been pushing for lately. Like I said, I wish there was room for more changes - but if this happens and if it is a success, who knows?"

    Bem, parece q teremos um patch em breve :obiggraz:
    Mas, ainda só temos boatos...
  2. Müller

    Müller Eorlingas

    Sem anões OP é gg.
  3. Jedi Solo

    Jedi Solo The Greatest Jedi

    Notem que quase TUDO de balanceamento é dos Anões. :rofl:
  4. Müller

    Müller Eorlingas

    Simplismente por que eles eram uma maquininha de destruir tudo :roll:

    Estva muito desbalanceado.