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O final dos tempos... (pelo menos para o Mundo das Trevas)

Tópico em 'RPG' iniciado por NØIR, 27 Jul 2003.

  1. NØIR

    NØIR Usuário

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    White Wolf® Ends the World of Darkness®
    with the unprecedented Time of Judgment™

    Atlanta, GA; July 26, 2003 -- After 12 years of buildup, White Wolf Publishing is bringing its award-winning World of Darkness to a climactic end in an unprecedented series of game supplements and tie-in novels. This is the Time of Judgment.

    At a special announcement today, held as part of the Gen Con Game Fair in Indianapolis, IN, White Wolf Publishing brought the exciting and cataclysmic news to its fans and the entertainment community at large. Over the first three months of 2004, the Time of Judgment will unfold and bring a finale to the entire World of Darkness and its trademark games -- Vampire: The Masquerade®, Werewolf: The Apocalypse™, Mage: The Ascension®, Hunter: The Reckoning®, Demon: The Fallen™, Changeling: The Dreaming™, Mummy: The Resurrection™ and Kindred of the East™. Four hardcover game supplements will allow World of Darkness players and Storytellers to tell their own tales of the Time of Judgment. These books will be accompanied by three tie-in novels and special releases for both Mind’s Eye Theatre™ (White Wolf’s popular live-action roleplaying game) and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle® (White Wolf’s collectible trading-card game).

    "We’ve been building to this point for years," said Justin Achilli, Intellectual Property Manager for Vampire: The Masquerade. "It’s time to put up or shut up." Indeed, even the very first edition of Vampire, released to acclaim in 1991, included prophecies of Gehenna, the vampires’ version of Armageddon. In 1998, that game’s revised edition ushered in the Final Nights™, a multi-year build up to the Time of Judgment. Every year thereafter brought a major step toward the brink of apocalypse. The Year of the Reckoning™ brought an end to Wraith: The Oblivion™ and ushered in Hunter: The Reckoning, a game chronicling humanity’s last stand against he monsters lurking in the shadows. Similarly, the Year of the Damned™ saw the arrival of demonic forces writ large as the gates of the biblical Hell opened, setting the stage of Demon: The Fallen. "An apocalypse is only exciting and terrifying if it can actually occur," said Mike Tinney, White Wolf’s President. "Our fans have come to expect top-notch storytelling from the World of Darkness, and a great story needs a great ending. It’s time to deliver."

    "This really is the Apocalypse," said Ethan Skemp, Line Developer of Werewolf: The Apocalypse. "The final battle Werewolf has been leading up to since the get-go. A lot of fans have become jaded by supposedly earth-shattering events in comics and games that end up just returning to the status quo. This is not one of those." Indeed, after March of 2004, White Wolf will cease publication (and reprinting) of game books set in the modern World of Darkness. (The Dark Ages™ product line -- White Wolf’s medieval horror setting -- will continue as normal.)

    "Many other publishers have released new editions of their games over the years. Some with more success and fanfare than others. That’s not what’s happening here," said Tinney. "In this case we’re delivering on a promise we made when Vampire first released in 1991. This end is real and this World of Darkness will never be seen again. What will ultimately follow is going to be wholly different. A new and compelling setting."

    White Wolf Fiction will be an integral part of this cataclysmic event. The Time of Judgment Trilogy™ chronicles the end of the World of Darkness, with one book focusing on each of the three core games -- Vampire, Werewolf and Mage. As with game products, fiction releases have presaged these events for several years. "Back in 1999 and 2000, the Vampire Clan Novel™ series was a big part of launching the Final Nights," explained Philippe Boulle, Managing Editor of White Wolf Fiction. "The conclusion of 2001 and 2002’s Werewolf Tribe Novels™ showed just how close the Apocalypse is. These plot threads all come together in the Time of Judgment."

    White Wolf’s live-action roleplaying line will also play an important part in the Time of Judgment. White Wolf will release Laws of Judgment™, which will provide all the tools for live-action players to tell stories of the end of the world. Similarly, White Wolf will release a special addition to its popular Vampire: The Eternal Struggle trading-card game based on the Time of Judgment. "The Gehenna expansion allows VTES to partake in this exciting storyline," said Steve Wieck, White Wolf’s Director of Card Projects. "We’re committed to continued support of VTES, and this set of boosters is only the first part of that."

    White Wolf’s licensing partners are also getting involved in this event. Activision® will release Vampire: The Masquerade--Bloodlines, the second Vampire computer game, with a storyline tied directly to the Time of Judgment. "This will add extra excitement for those who are playing the tabletop game or reading the novels," said Chris McDonough, White Wolf’s Director of Computer Projects. "The computer game gains an epic scope from that connection. There are unique insights into the Time of Judgment that can only be uncovered through this game."

    The Time of Judgment begins on January 14th, 2004 with the release of the first game supplement in the apocalyptic series. The entire rollout (including lead-in products) is:

    Late 2003

    Lair of the Hidden™ (ISBN 1-58846-242-0) — a supplement for Vampire: The Masquerade detailing a cult of Inconnu who hide secrets of Gehenna. (August 2003)

    The Red Sign™ (ISBN 1-58846-245-5) — a supplement for Vampire: The Masquerade and Mage: The Ascension in which mages dare to lift the Curse of Caine. (November 2003)

    Days of Fire™ (ISBN 1-58846-762-7) — a fiction chapbook for Demon: The Fallen in which Lucifer’s prophecies are revealed. (December 2003)

    January 2004

    Gehenna™ (ISBN 1-58846-246-3) — a 224-page hardcover game supplement detailing the end of Vampire: The Masquerade.

    Vampire: Gehenna--The Final Night™ by Ari Marmell (ISBN 1-58846-855-0) — the first novel in the Time of Judgment Trilogy tells the story of the end of Vampire: The Masquerade.

    p align="center">February 2004
    The Apocalypse™ (ISBN 1-58846-323-0) — a 224-page hardcover game supplement detailing the end of Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

    Werewolf: The Final Battle™ by Bill Bridges (ISBN 1-58846-856-9) — the second novel in the Time of Judgment Trilogy tells the story of the end of Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

    March 2004

    The Ascension™ (ISBN 1-58846-417-2) — a 224-page hardcover game supplement detailing the end of Mage: The Ascension.

    Mage: Judgment Day by Bruce Baugh (ISBN 1-58846-857-7) — the last novel in the Time of Judgment Trilogy tells the story of the end of Mage: The Ascension.

    World of Darkness: Time of Judgment™ (ISBN 1-58846-475-X) — a 224-page hardcover game supplement detailing the end of Demon: The Fallen, Hunter: The Reckoning, Mummy: The Resurrection, Kindred of the East and Changeling: The Dreaming.

    Laws of Judgment (ISBN 1-58846-521-7) — a trade-format game supplement for Mind’s Eye Theatre.

    May 2004

    Vampire: The Eternal Struggle -- Gehenna (ISBN 1-58846-626-4) — a new booster set for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle featuring cards based on the Time of Judgment.

    An all-new World of Darkness launches in August of 2004.


    Since its entry into the roleplaying game market in 1991, White Wolf Publishing, Inc. has grown, maintaining an average market share of 26%. With collective book sales in excess of 5.5 million copies during this time, White Wolf is one of two undisputed worldwide publishing leaders of pen-and-paper roleplaying games. White Wolf properties have been licensed to television series, comic books, action figures, rofessional wrestlers, a myriad of merchandising, replica props and weapons, interactive media events, coin-operated arcade games and, of course, video games. More information on White Wolf can be found at
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    Activision, Inc. is a leading international publisher of interactive entertainment software. The company maintains a diverse portfolio of products that spans a wide range of categories and target markets, and that can be used on a variety of game hardware platforms and operating systems. The company has created, licensed and acquired a group of highly recognizable brands that it markets to a growing variety of consumer demographics. The company’s World Wide Web site is located at
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    White Wolf, Vampire, Vampire the Masquerade, Vampire the Eternal Struggle, Mage the Ascension, Hunter the Reckoning and World of Darkness are registered trademarks of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. Werewolf the Apocalypse, Wraith the Oblivion, Demon the Fallen, Changeling the Dreaming, Mummy the Resurrection, Kindred of the East, Mind’s Eye Theatre, Time of Judgment, Final Nights, Year of the Reckoning, Year of the Damned, Vampire Dark Ages, Time of Judgment Trilogy, Vampire Clan Novel, Werewolf Tribe Novel, Laws of Judgment, Lair of the Hidden, Red Sign, Days of Fire, Gehenna, Gehenna the Final Night, Apocalypse, Final Battle, Ascension, Judgment Day and World of Darkness Time of Judgment are trademarks of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc. and is used with permission.

    Este conteúdo é limitado a Usuários. Por favor, cadastre-se para poder ver o conteúdo e participar (não demora e não possui custos)
    Este conteúdo é limitado a Usuários. Por favor, cadastre-se para poder ver o conteúdo e participar (não demora e não possui custos)
    Este conteúdo é limitado a Usuários. Por favor, cadastre-se para poder ver o conteúdo e participar (não demora e não possui custos)
  2. Barlach

    Barlach Verde. E arqueiro

    8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

    isso é realmente surpreendente, e tbm muito corajoso......

    sempre pensei q o apocalipse da white wolf nunca fosse chegar..... achei q eles iam ficar adiando indefinidamente......... realmente, acabar com tudo é uma atitude muito corajosa..... realmente foi uma gde jogada de marketing, pq agora todo mundo vai ficar curioso....

    tbm tô ansioso pra saber o q eles vão fazer depois.... pelo o q eu entendi, eles vão reinventar o mundo das trevas..... será q vai se r algo como reconstruindo o mundo ou coisa do tipo????
  3. NØIR

    NØIR Usuário

  4. Skywalker

    Skywalker Great Old One

    Sei lá... a WW tá pisando tanto na bola que não duvido que isso não fique uma bela duma m...
  5. KADU

    KADU Estão vendo esta caneta?

    Acho que sim, eles nao seriam burros o suficiente para fazer esse desfecho sem antes ter um novo projeto jah pronto para ser posto no mercado...ou seriam??? 8O 8O 8O
  6. Yurian

    Yurian Usuário

    Bom, tava na hora mesmo... o Mundo das Trevas já deu o que tinha que dar e a White Wolf já ganhou muita grana com ele. Hora de dar uma refrescada nas idéias.
  7. Marroc Tûk

    Marroc Tûk Usuário

    Um final tragico eu diria, mas com certeza eles tem outra coisa, só naum sei se tem haver com o mundo das trevas!
  8. Barbárvore.

    Barbárvore. Beatlemaniac

    8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
    repetindo os smiles do Barlach
    Realmente é impressionante, dará otimas cronicas. Mas como já disseram lá... um novo Mundo das Trevas surgirá, ou seja, eles tem outro projeto :wink:
  9. Celes Chere

    Celes Chere Usuário

    Isso vai ser muito bom!! nossa no assustada até agora. :lol:
    Agora é só a obra sair e ver no que vai dar... :mrgreen:
  10. Hobbit_de_Cueca

    Hobbit_de_Cueca Usuário

    Sinceramente, acho muita idiotisse se eles pararem para sempre com o World of Darkness e alguma coisa me diz que eles vão é fazer uma mega-revisão pra relançar toda a sua linha de produtos. Sim, é um belo dum marketing que vai estimular muitos jogadores a atualizarem seus livros.
  11. 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
    É e eu q achava q a WW jah havia esquecido seu filhos mais importantes, finalmente ela se lembra deles, depois de 12 anos de sucesso, e vem e dah um final em td... achei issu interesante.... finalmente uma das produtoras RPG vem e acaba finalmente com o seu RPG... eh lógico, q issu nuam vai se o final, desses ótimos Rpgs, pq quem foi tomado pela magia deles naum como, nunca vai parar, mais estou ansicioso pra sabe como issu vai acaba, e o q a White Wolf nos reserva....
    ESPERO Q SEJA ALGO BOM, PRA COMPENSAR O Q ELES TAUM FAZENDU... huhhuhuhuhuhuhu :lol: :lol:
  12. Barlach

    Barlach Verde. E arqueiro

    o bom é q, pra qm gosta do jeito como tá hj, vai continuar a linha idade das trevas.... pelo visto eles tão acabando pq querem mesmo e naum pq pracisam (falta de dinheiro) senão eles parariam tudo....
  13. Sei lah, soh sei q Lobisomem: O apocalipse, sempre... huhuhuhuhuu
  14. Merthol Caladhir

    Merthol Caladhir Visitante

    tadinho do meu ventrue... o dia do julgamento tá chegando.
    Isso vai dar margem pras crônicas (e até mesmo sagas) incríveis. Imagine LIVE disso... dá arrepio de pensar.
    Mas acho que alguns mestres vão continuar a mestrar o Mundo das Trevas como se nada tivesse acontecido.
  15. Barlach

    Barlach Verde. E arqueiro

    com certeza... eu já joguei uma história em 2025.......

    imagina vc preparar uma grande crônica, com histórias todas e prontas e depois vc tem q mudar tudo pq lançaram um suplemente q vai contra o q vc escreveu..... nunca.
  16. Eu acho q eles so taum lancando issu pra mata a curiosiades das pessoas sobre o apocalipse....
  17. Duvido que eles façam isso,destruir o mundo das trevas
  18. Stein

    Stein Usuário

    Mas fizeram :wink:
  19. Arael

    Arael Usuário

    fim do World of Darkness ? pronto.. agora eles acabam com toda aquela zona que estava para começar publicar tudo denovo reformulado.... ai meu bolso... :lol:
  20. eu vou fica mto confuso c eles fizerem isso :o?: :o?: