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Let's Practice! =D

Tópico em 'Atualidades e Generalidades' iniciado por Paraíba Hi-Tech, 27 Mar 2003.

  1. Paraíba Hi-Tech

    Paraíba Hi-Tech Cabra Arretado

    What are your definitions of "language" and "dialect"?
    English is a widespread language, not according to me, but according to a science called Linguistics!
  2. Goba

    Goba luszt

    Can't it be caled as dialetoin portuguese? :o?:
  3. Paraíba Hi-Tech

    Paraíba Hi-Tech Cabra Arretado

    No. A dialect is a way of speaking certain language that can be found only in certain areas or groups of people!
    For example, in Spain they speak Spanish, but in Barcelona there is a dialect named Catalan. It's sponke in Cataluña (Northeastern Spain), in the Balearic Islands, in Andorra, and in a small part of France.
  4. Goba

    Goba luszt

    Thank's!!! :mrgreen:

    Didn't knew that... I tought that the word could be used in any situation... :obiggraz:

    Well, at least we saw that the topic works...

    Er...For me it worked! :mrgreen:
  5. Eönwë

    Eönwë Usuário

    Didn't know. If the auxiliar verb is in the past tense, you must use the other verb in the present tense...

    You have to improve your english... :mrgreen:
  6. Lórien

    Lórien Última General de Nanto

    Maybe you all should read more about the moder linguistic's definitions for dialect, language, an so on. Dialect is the way people of a limitated area speak a language. It's also know by "accent" (sotaque). The way one person skpeaks a language is called "idioleto" (sorry, but I can't recall the correct form for this in English right now).
    Well, that is modern linguistics, I hope I am not wrong.

    Edit mode ON: I think I have said the same things that Paraíba said.
  7. Largo Cavafundo

    Largo Cavafundo Usuário

    infinitive, actually :mrgreen:

    It's fun to correct other people's mistakes :lol:

    By the way, you don't say auxiliar verb. You say auxiliary verb.

  8. Excluído004

    Excluído004 Excluído a Pedido

    Well, I don't know much about variations in the english language... could you people tell me how many kinds or types of english languages there are?! I only know 2 of them.. the British and the American since in UK they speak the British English too.. i guess... or, we could even open a topic to discuss about it huh?? 8-)
  9. No, since it's all the same thing. The difference is that one is "the queens english", which is the British english, meanwhile the other is the plain old American. They're the same, although one has some different terms from the other, and the accents are different. Besides that, both are identical, in structure and all. As far as I know, english has no dialects, or derivations of it's own language which still retain much of the original language. ;)

    Largo: Yes, I love correcting people. You could almost say I live for it. 8-)
  10. Adri-Undómiel

    Adri-Undómiel Usuário

    By the way, I liked this topic! ^^
    Well.. I studied for three years and a half at Wizard, I almost traveled to do an exchange at Canada, but the dollar was very expensive and I gave it up! :tsc: Now I`m kind of too old to do it, but I still would like to travel to Canada one day, to study, meet people and for sure play hockey!!! :mrgreen:
  11. aint is the wrong way do say "it´s not". i think...
  12. Tilion

    Tilion Administrador

    It is not the "wrong" way to say it, but it's the colloquial way (i.e., the one used by people in general, a kind of slang).
  13. Ana Lovejoy

    Ana Lovejoy Administrador

    you can't say that a slang is the wrong way to say something, that's a kind of linguistic prejudice :wink:

    (gee... my english is so rusty :oops: )
  14. someone once told me that americans usually accept slang in their grammar. after using it wrong for a while.. it becomes right. its much easier that way.

    here we arent so open to new linguistic experiences. lol

    (my english is veeeeeeery rusty. :disgusti: :( )
  15. Tauraherion

    Tauraherion The eyes of truth

    yes, it is...

    I learnt english by myself, of course I had english classes when I was in High School, but it didn´t help that much, except for the verb To Be (which was taught at least once per month :mrgreen: ) and the irregular verbs...

    I regret the fact that I never studied at a English school, I wish I had...
    you see, my english comes from the videogames, lyrics of the musics that I like and from the movies, that´s why I don´t know anything about grammar


    how come portuguese don´t accept that kind of behavior?

    the "new words" are almost like if they had been in our language since 1500 nowadays...even more with the Internet chats and everything alse...
  16. i learned english when i lived in st. louis. MO (usa) and i dont know much grammer either.
  17. Ana Lovejoy

    Ana Lovejoy Administrador

    That's righ Rick (hihihihiihi). But it's important to emphasize that we accept new words, but our grammar still the same (that's is to say that it still outdated :| ).
  18. Paraíba Hi-Tech

    Paraíba Hi-Tech Cabra Arretado

    Yeah! Although our grammar is quite obsolete, the most respected Portuguese dictionaries are full of words that were borrowed from English! A good example of that are the internet terms like mouse, website or download... They can be found in the latest editions of good dictionaries like Aurélio ou Houaiss!

    By the way, it doesn't mean that our language is becoming poor! This process is a result of the globalization... Each day, we add a new word to our rich vocabulary! I think that, in the future, those words spelling and pronunciation may be changed... It's the natural evolution of the language! Probably, website in Portuguese will be "Huebisaite"... Who knows??? :mrgreen:
  19. Link

    Link The Hero of Time

    The trip to Florida is a short trip like 7 days... I think it´s better to do an exchange abroad after finishing university... then your not too old.
    Hockey is a very dangerous sport, but it´s cool... I´d like to play someday.
  20. Vela- o Rousoku

    Vela- o Rousoku Sirius Black

    1st. My english is not good.

    2nd. My english is terrible.

    3rd. My english is a rooting piece of shit.

    4th. I learned this rooting piece of shit, ops, I mean, I learned my english scrolling throught net, at most.

    I really think this is not getting off-topic. It says "Let's talk", 'couse inside a normal talking, some mistakes (like mine) should appear, and will be corrected as soon as seen. ("as soon as seen" :eek: is there such expression ?!?)

    Tell me something: watta hell is "slang" ?