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[L][Riku]Five againts the world

Tópico em 'Clube dos Bardos' iniciado por Malaman, 1 Mar 2008.

  1. Malaman

    Malaman Passion, what else?

    Eu estou tentando escrever um livro mas em ingles, como aqui eu sei que existe alguns membros que entendem ingle eu gostaria de lhes pedir ajuda e que mandassem criticas construtivas. Para puder melhorar o assunto Obrigado.
    Aqui vai o que tenho escrito ate ja.

    Chapter 0: Undetermined path
    What type of monster will I be today?
    My eyes are open, but for what purpose? My heart is still beat, but my live ended years ago, all my hope and love died that day. I was powerless and I could do nothing than staring, the feeling of guilty and hate runs in my veins, I think that´s the only thing that keep me alive.
    This world, ruled by “gods”, they are the justice and the only power in right now, everyone who defied them died. With time people start to accept them, accept their orders, not by respect but only because fear. I don’t, I don’t respect them, neither fear them, they toke everything away from me…
    Every day the same poem runs in my brain, the only thing I feel real…

    Smiles and her laughter
    it’s the only thing that I've been waiting for, a time.
    Regardless of our distance, and our hope, grows greater.
    Swept by pretty eyes and laughter for, a time.
    The only thing that I've been waiting for.

    I hope it's something worth the waiting,
    'Cause it's the only time that I ever feel real.
    Thunderstorms could never stop me,
    'Cause there's no one in the world like Emily.

    She's simple yet confusing,
    her sparkling eyes make me weak at my words, and they tremble.
    Days seem like years in this month of December.
    The winter, coldness me for I have yet to sleep.
    And never, will I give up trying 'cause you're everything to me.

    I hope it's something worth the waiting;
    it’s the only time that I ever feel real.
    Thunderstorms could never stop me,
    'Cause there's no one in the world like Emily.

    Chapter 1: Daisuke

    One more day in the school, everyone running, laughing and talking, I´m not like them, I don’t want friends, I can’t feel anything, I born to be alone. Everyone in school stare at me, they say that I different, that I scare them, just because I don’t dress like them, I´m not child like them and I don’t do everything just for people look at me.
    It’s Monday and I dress a black drowses, a red t-shirt, a black long coat and a black and red gloves, that one witch don’t have fingers.
    Like I expected when I pass the gate of school every kid stop playing and stared at me, I read fear in their eyes, it’s like they expect I attack them. It’s common for me to see that look in others face, I just walk to the door of my classroom. It’s the same path I take every day, the school is my second home, and in both places I’m alone. The school is very old, but it’s a nice place, the bathrooms stink and the walls are with fissures everywhere.
    The voice took my attention, for the first time anyone calls my name. When I turn the head I say a guy, around my age all dressed in black with a guitar in his back. His hair was blond and had a hair with equal to mine, hair that orders call “emo” style.
    -You are listening? - More words came from his mouth, like to call me back to earth.
    -What you want? – Finally I recover my senses and was able to answer to the new guy.
    I returned to my initial pose try to ignore him, but he continues his dialogue.
    -I’m Carlos, but you can call me seven passion. I´m new around here and everyone talk about you in school, so I wanted to meet the famous Daisuke.
    Everyone in school talk about me? That’s new for me, even so I don’t want that this guy disappear and let me alone again.
    -It’s that so? You already meet, so go away. – I expected more reaction in him, but for my surprise he just smile and answered with a calm voice, a voice that remembered me.
    -Anti-social. You have a cool pose man. I like that. We meet again in class.
    When he finished the talk turn around and entered in classroom. I will remember this day forever, the day of my first dialogue.

    Like every day, I´m in the last chair in classroom. The teacher is an old man with a smiling face for everyone. He has a long white hair. His name is José and he is teacher of history.
    For my surprise there are two new students in the class and d both have a different with black as base of clothing.
    -Good morning everyone. Before we start the class I like to introduce both new students – after José says that, call the boy in front. The same boy who talked to me before, he starts talking about himself.
    -Hi. My name is Carlos, I have sixteen years old. My old school was in Romania. I have no brothers and I live with my father. I don’t like my name so everyone can call me seven passion.
    He finished the talk with a big smile, a fake one. Since I was child I learned to read peoples expressions, one more reason for the others call me freak.
    The teachers smiled and order him to seat in the chair on my front. After the Carlos it’s the time of the girl. For my surprise she´s beautiful and different from the others girls, her face… For some reason I fell sadness all over her eyes. I woke up when she started the talk.
    -My name is Lucia, but you HAVE to call me by Brendy. I don’t care what you think of me and I don’t you to talk to me. I´m used to have people running away from me and call me freak and others stuff. If you don’t like me don’t stare at me, if you have fear of me run away I can bite and if you like stay away from me, your presence freak me out. I´m from France, I don’t have brothers, I live with my grandparents and my parents died in an accident.
    When she finished everyone was staring at her even the teacher had the mouth open. This Lucia, if I was a normal student, she could scared me, but I don’t care about that, I´m not a normal student and I don’t have plans in talk to her, so the only thing that can be fun is the fact of not be the only freak in the school.
    -Great. You… You can seat in that chair, Miss Lucia – I noticed a face of surprised in the teacher, for the first time anyone let him without words – Well everyone, let’s talk about the history of our world, and the formation of the gods. So in the year…
    The same story again, gods. We are in year 3100 and we don’t have technology live we had in year 2000. It’s all because of the gods, people with mysterious power, a power of a god like the common people says. In this year all the wars between people are made by fighting skills, they don’t have even a sword like in time of kings. The fighting rule the world and the most powerless are called gods and rule the world. There are 10 gods in total, but their names are a mystery. I hate them, more than anyone in the world.

    The class is over and I head home for my train, every day I train my fighting skills in order of one day could defy the gods and get my revenge. That’s the purpose of my live.
    Today the streets are calm, very calm. I walk alone listening music in a small device that they call Magic Box. In fact is the only technology we have in this world, and my only “friend”.
    Today I don’t have to ear the other murmuring about my hair, just because I use my hair in front of one eye people call me crazy. “He´s a marginal, that’s the result of grow up without parents” they say… Yes I grew up without parents, without love, not by my choice, but they died when I had eleven years old. Since there I steal to eat and survive. I learn to fight to defend myself, who are they to point me the finger? They had everything they wanted with just a look. They say that I’m different, so what? They are always the same.
    I come back to reaction because a guy stopped in front of me, when I approached I saw that the guy is Carlos, seven passion.
    -Are you fowling me around? – At saying this I tried to continue my path but he answer with a calm voice.
    -Actually I am. You know Daisuke, there’s something in your eyes that call my attention, because you are not like the others kids around. You and I are the same…
    -Whatever, I don’t care – I never talked to anyone before, I´m not used to words in my mouth. And actually I preferred that this Carlos just ignore me like the others kids, but for my surprise he continue talking.
    -Don’t misunderstanding me, I not interest in guys, I prefer girls – At saying this he used a smile, just another fake smile, like he was using a mask, pretending be what is not. – What I was trying to say is that your eyes are full of sadness and hate. Yes I understand others feelings just looking for the eyes. And in yours there is no love or happiness, just sadness and hate. Because of that you call my attention, you are the only one you understand my sadness. That’s what makes people strong…
    Now the silent returned to the street. He uses the hair in front of the right eyes too. Who is this guy anyway? Why he doesn’t leave me alone?
    -It’s all? Then leave me alone.
    I continue the walk to home, but one more time I stopped with a smile, and he talked one more time.
    -That’s not all, there’s something else I need to tell you. After that I will leave you alone. – He makes a pause trying to create suspense. – Like me, I know that you hate the gods, I feel in you the same wish of killing them, am I right? So I talked to Miss Gemini and she told me that tomorrow we will make a “visit” at god’s palace. She said that tomorrow is the birthday party of one of them, so they invited all schools, and this school not an exception. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?
    At finished the talk Carlos just turn the back and walk into the darkness of night. I stayed in the same place for some minutes, thinking. Miss Gemini is the director of the school, a crazy woman who is in love for the gods, who tried to make fun of them will have problems with her. Every kid have fear of her, they say that she’s not human, pathetic, child imagination. Every day the kids are more kids, have 15 or 16 years but in fact its look to have 4 or 5 years. Fortunately I´m not like them. But what’s make me think is tomorrow. I will be face to face with the gods, the day I will remember, a day that I will never forget.

    I arrived home. It’s pretty a mess, but I don’t have to hurry about that, I don’t receive visits, and I like the mess. It’s like my head.
    In the back garden I have my training park, is there where I train my skills. I trained 4 hours and when I looked at the clock was 12pm. I waited so many years to this day but now I have doubts. I am strong enough? Will I get the revenge that I waited so many years?
    I have to try, thanks to the gods I don’t have family, the only love I felt died in that day, the pictures in my head, the blood, her face screaming for help… No, I will never forgive them, I just can’t do that.
    I stand up, it’s time to rest, and tomorrow history will be remade. The day of the gods falling…
    Última edição: 1 Mar 2008