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[fragmento/inglês] Nogodel & Mithrandir

Tópico em 'Clube dos Bardos' iniciado por hemispheriomeridional, 20 Set 2008.


    As he walks around the fountain, Nogodel is astonished to see a
    figure with long beard, looking like a man very old.

    [size=xx-small]Nogodel[/size] Good day.

    [size=xx-small]Gandalf[/size] Good day.

    [size=xx-small]Nogodel[/size] I think you don't know me... I... You probably know a bit of the organization of the guild of smiths of Celebrimbor's smithies near Hadhodrond (1)... I have helped Eregion to be risen, I was always at the side of my cousin, until Gorthaur (2) appeared, and came with all those ring teachings... I never saw much use for rings, I have to admit, no more than for blades, for blades are good to make heads of goblins to fall from their shoulders!

    [size=xx-small]Gandalf[/size] You must be Mathan.

    [size=xx-small]Nogodel[/size] And you are Mithrandir.

    [size=xx-small]Gandalf[/size] So do the Eldar call me.

    [size=xx-small]Nogodel[/size] I hear that periannath are to be the center of our attentions, these days... The brothers in this court are saying that some years ago, the master of the House let pass about a company with a dozen dwarves and another of these periannath. How comes that important things are now always to be entrusted to these people, and not to us, Eldar? Is it fair that all that is important lies upon small things? We're not like this in the Woodland Realm of Thranduil of the Eglath. It must be true thing this they are saying that the time of the Eldar has come to the end, and that we shall fade...

    [size=xx-small]Gandalf[/size] Is it really a Noldo who dwelt in Eregion that I hear?

    [size=xx-small]Nogodel[/size] Oh, I am tired of dwarves, Mithrandir, I have to say!

    [size=xx-small]Gandalf[/size] Your heart is twisted, Master Mithril-smith. It seems that you forget the ways of Varda, the thoughts of Manwë and of the Valar. It seems to me that you forget that your kin ever dwelt in the West, where your heart should rest. It seems to me, son of Orodreth of the house of Finarfin, that you try to love this world that doesn't belong to you or to any of yours. It seems to me that you forget the forgiveness that was given to you---

    [size=xx-small]Nogodel[/size] However, it won't be easy for any of us, Noldor, to set a foot again in Tol Eressëa... Maybe it is true indeed the attribute given by tradition that mortal men's condition is a gift, not a curse, for I would rather die than to carry this burden I have to carry, and face Olwë's house, for even though I have never seen the West, as I was born in the exile of my people, where I delay, the guilt upon Fëanor seems to me to be something that inevitably lies upon my shoulders...

    [size=xx-small]Gandalf, seeing Nogodel's anguish[/size] Now then you see that it isn't a lie that Eru gave a gift to those who were to inherit this earth. Now can you understand a bit better that the Atani are not a lesser kin, but also children of Eru, loved by him, and by him blessed.

    The elf looks to the ground, ashamed

    [size=xx-small]Gandalf continues to speak[/size] You see, Mathan: now you understand a bit of how the powers too feel about you, the firstborn. For even for us, the five, there has been a blessing of having received the mission of coming in bodies in the likeness of the children of Eru.

    Nogodel raises his eyes to the wizard, who goes on speaking ...

    But now, all efforts are needed to confront the growing power of the enemy, Master Mithril-smith. No matter the origin of the help, the most strange it may be to any of us. I guarantee you that you would not have an Ista holding the task these Periannath are carrying around their necks any more than the Periannath we have. Is it nonsense? Maybe. Nevertheless, if for great tasks you think yourself ready to be called, none of us is to worry about this: each of us will have a task of the proper height. And we will see who among us are really tall or short.

    Looking in the elf's eyes:

    I know your sight, Naugendil. Beware. Free your heart from anger. Time has come for many things to be decided.

    [size=xx-small]A servant of the house[/size] Excuse me, Mithrandir: Master Elrond asked me to tell you that he needs to see you soon.

    [size=xx-small]Gandalf[/size] Show me the way, my friend.

    Gandalf looks at Nogodel, who keeps silent. Then, the wizard leaves
    him, and follows Elrond's servant.


    (1) Mória
    (2) Sauron