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"A Vergonha de Ser Americano" (Limpeza Étnica no Líbano)

Tópico em 'Atualidades e Generalidades' iniciado por Coiote, 6 Ago 2006.

  1. Coiote

    Coiote Fallin´

    The Shame Of Being An American

    by Paul Craig Roberts

    "Gentle reader, do you know that Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing in southern Lebanon? Israel has ordered all the villagers to clear out. Israel then destroys their homes and murders the fleeing villagers. That way there is no one to come back and nothing to which to return, making it easier for Israel to grab the territory, just as Israel has been stealing Palestine from the Palestinians.

    Do you know that one-third of the Lebanese civilians murdered by Israel's attacks on civilian residential districts are children? That is the report from Jan Egeland, the emergency relief coordinator for the UN. He says it is impossible for help to reach the wounded and those buried in rubble, because Israeli air strikes have blown up all the bridges and roads. Considering how often (almost always) Israel misses Hezbollah targets and hits civilian ones, one might think that Israeli fire is being guided by US satellites and US military GPS. Don't be surprised at US complicity. Why would the puppet be any less evil than the puppet master?

    Of course, you don't know these things, because the US print and TV media do not report them.

    Because Bush is so proud of himself, you do know that he has blocked every effort to stop the Israeli slaughter of Lebanese civilians. Bush has told the UN "NO." Bush has told the European Union "NO." Bush has told the pro-American Lebanese prime minister "NO." Twice. Bush is very proud of his firmness. He is enjoying Israel's rampage and wishes he could do the same thing in Iraq.

    Does it make you a Proud American that "your" president gave Israel the green light to drop bombs on convoys of villagers fleeing from Israeli shelling, on residential neighborhoods in the capital of Beirut and throughout Lebanon, on hospitals, on power plants, on food production and storage, on ports, on civilian airports, on bridges, on roads, on every piece of infrastructure on which civilized life depends? Are you a Proud American? Or are you an Israeli puppet?

    On July 20, "your" House of Representatives voted 410-8 in favor of Israel's massive war crimes in Lebanon. Not content with making every American complicit in war crimes, "your" House of Representatives, according to the Associated Press, also "condemns enemies of the Jewish state."

    Who are the "enemies of the Jewish state"?

    They are the Palestinians whose land has been stolen by the Jewish state, whose homes and olive groves have been destroyed by the Jewish state, whose children have been shot down in the streets by the Jewish state, whose women have been abused by the Jewish state. They are Palestinians who have been walled off into ghettos, who cannot reach their farm lands or medical care or schools, who cannot drive on roads through Palestine that have been constructed for Israelis only. They are Palestinians whose ancient towns have been invaded by militant Zionist "settlers" under the protection of the Israeli army who beat and persecute the Palestinians and drive them out of their towns. They are Palestinians who cannot allow their children outside their homes because they will be murdered by Israeli "settlers."

    The Palestinians who confront Israeli evil are called "terrorists." When Bush forced free elections on Palestine, the people voted for Hamas. Hamas is the organization that has stood up to Israel. This means, of course, that Hamas is evil, anti-Semitic, un-American and terrorist. The US and Israel responded by cutting off all funds to the new government. Democracy is permitted only if it produces the results Bush and Israel want.

    Israelis never practice terror. Only those who are in Israel's way are terrorists.

    Another enemy of the Jewish state is Hezbollah. Hezbollah is a militia of Shi'ite Muslims created in 1982 when Israel first invaded Lebanon. During this invasion the great moral Jewish state arranged for the murder of refugees in refugee camps. The result of Israel's atrocities was Hezbollah, which fought the Israeli Army, defeated it, and drove it out of Lebanon. Today Hezbollah not only defends southern Lebanon but also provides social services such as orphanages and medical care.

    To cut to the chase, the enemies of the Jewish state are any Muslim country not ruled by an American puppet friendly to Israel. Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the oil emirates have sided with Israel against their own kind, because they are dependent either on American money or on American protection from their own people. Sooner or later these totally corrupt governments that do not represent the people they rule will be overthrown. It is only a matter of time.

    Indeed Bush and Israel may be hastening the process in their frantic effort to overthrow the governments of Syria and Iran. Both governments have more popular support than Bush has, but the White House Moron doesn't know this. The Moron thinks Syria and Iran will be "cakewalks" like Iraq, where ten proud divisions of the US military are tied down by a few lightly armed insurgents.

    If you are still a Proud American, consider that your pride is doing nothing good for Israel or for America.

    On July 20 when "your" House of Representatives, following "your" US Senate, passed the resolution in support of Israel's war crimes, the most powerful lobby in Washington, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), quickly got out a press release proclaiming "The American people overwhelming support Israel's war on terrorism and understand that we must stand by our closest ally in this time of crisis."

    The truth is that Israel created the crisis by invading a country with a pro-American government. The truth is that the American people do not support Israel's war crimes, as the CNN quick poll results make clear and as was made clear by callers into C-Span.

    Despite the Israeli spin on news provided by US "reporting," a majority of Americans do not approve of Israeli atrocities against Lebanese civilians. Hezbollah is located in southern Lebanon. If Israel is targeting Hezbollah, why are Israeli bombs falling on northern Lebanon? Why are they falling on Beirut? Why are they falling on civilian airports? On schools and hospitals?

    Now we arrive at the main point. When the US Senate and House of Representatives pass resolutions in support of Israeli war crimes and condemn those who resist Israeli aggression, the Senate and House confirm Osama bin Laden's propaganda that America stands with Israel against the Arab and Muslim world.

    Indeed, Israel, which has one of the world's largest per capita incomes, is the largest recipient of US foreign aid. Many believe that much of this "aid" comes back to AIPAC, which uses it to elect "our" representatives in Congress.

    This perception is no favor to Israel, whose population is declining, as the smart ones have seen the writing on the wall and have been leaving. Israel is surrounded by hundreds of millions of Muslims who are being turned into enemies of Israel by Israel's actions and inhumane policies.

    The hope in the Muslim world has always been that the United States would intervene in behalf of compromise and make Israel realize that Israel cannot steal Palestine and turn every Palestinian into a refugee.

    This has been the hope of the Arab world. This is the reason our puppets have not been overthrown. This hope is the reason America still had some prestige in the Arab world.

    The House of Representatives resolution, bought and paid for by AIPAC money, is the final nail in the coffin of American prestige in the Middle East. It shows that America is, indeed, Israel's puppet, just as Osama bin Laden says, and as a majority of Muslims believe.

    With hope and diplomacy dead, henceforth America and Israel have only tooth and claw. The vaunted Israeli army could not defeat a rag tag militia in southern Lebanon. The vaunted US military cannot defeat a rag tag, lightly armed insurgency drawn from a minority of the population in Iraq, insurgents, moreover, who are mainly engaged in civil war against the Shi'ite majority.

    What will the US and its puppet master do? Both are too full of hubris and paranoia to admit their terrible mistakes. Israel and the US will either destroy from the air the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Iran so that civilized life becomes impossible for Muslims, or the US and Israel will use nuclear weapons to intimidate Muslims into acquiescence to Israel's desires.

    Muslim genocide in one form or another is the professed goal of the neoconservatives who have total control over the Bush administration. Neocon godfather Norman Podhoretz has called for World War IV (in neocon thinking WW III was the Cold War) to overthrow Islam in the Middle East, deracinate the Islamic religion and turn it into a formalized, secular ritual.

    Rumsfeld's neocon Pentagon has drafted new US war doctrine that permits pre-emptive nuclear attack on non-nuclear states.

    Neocon David Horowitz says that by slaughtering Palestinian and Lebanese civilians, "Israel is doing the work of the rest of the civilized world," thus equating war criminals with civilized men.

    Neocon Larry Kudlow says that "Israel is doing the Lord's work" by murdering Lebanese, a claim that should give pause to Israel's Christian evangelical supporters. Where does the Lord Jesus say, "go forth and murder your neighbors so that you may steal their lands"?

    The complicity of the American public in these heinous crimes will damn America for all time in history."

    Notas(minhas):Roberts foi editor associado do Walll Street Journal(jornal CONSERVADOR ) e Subsecretário do Tesouro dos EUA. É também colunista do Business Week.Ele é parte da elite política e econômica americana,não é nenhum extremista liberal,esquerdista ou árabe.É um gipper,da era Reagan.

    Humanistas do mundo,uni-vos.Ainda há muito pelo que lutar.
  2. Coiote

    Coiote Fallin´

    Primeira parte da tradução.Livre e feita por mim :mrgreen:

    "Gentil leitor,você sabia que Israel está engajado em uma limpeza étnica no sul do Líbano?Israel ordenou que todos os aldeões se removessem.Israel,então,destrói suas casas e mata os aldeões em fuga.
    Dessa forma,não há ninguém para voltar e nada ao que retornar,deixando mais fácil para Israel apanhar o território,do mesmo jeito que Israel vem roubando a Palestina dos palestinos.Você sabia que um terço
    dos civis libaneses assassinados por ataques de Israek on distritos residenciais civis são crianças?Esse é o informe de Jan Egeland,o coordenador do socorro emergencial para a ONU.Ele diz ser impossível que ajuda
    alcance os feridos e aqueles enterrados em escombros,porque ataques aéreos israelenses explodiram todas as pontes e estradas.Considerando quão frequentemente(quase sempre)Israel joga mísseis em alvos do Hezbollah e atinge
    alvos civis,pode-se pensar que o fogo israelense está sendo guiado por satélites americanos e GPS militar dos EUA.Não fique surpreso com cumplicidade americana.Porquê o fantoche seria menos malvado do que o mestre?

    É claro que você não sabe dessas coisas,porque a imprensa americana e a mídia televisiva não as reportam.

    Por Bush estar tão orgulhoso de si próprio,você sabe que ele bloqueou todo esforço para parar o assassinato israelense de civis libaneses.Bush disse a ONU "Não".Bush disse a União Européia "Não".Bush disse ao premiê libanês
    pró-EUA "Não".Duas vezes.Bush tem muito orgulho de sua firmeza.Ele está curtindo a violência de Israel e gostaria de poder fazer a mesma coisa no Iraque.

    Faz de você um Americano Orgulhoso que o "seu" presidente deu a Israel luz verde para jogar bombas em comboios de aldeões fugindo de bombardeio israelense,em partes residencias da capital Beirute e em todo Líbano,em hospitais,em usinas elétricas,em
    produções alimentícias e armazéns,em portos,em aeroportos civis,em pontes,em estradas,em cada pedaço de infra-estrutura da qual depende a vida civilizada?Você é um Americano Orgulhoso?Ou você é um fantoche israelense?

    No dia 20 de Julho,a "sua" Camâra do Deputados votou (410 votos a 8)em favor dos crimes de guerra em massa de Israel no Líbano.Não contente em fazer cada americano cúmplice em crimes de guerra,a "sua" Câmara dos Deputados,de acordo com a Associated Press,também
    condena "os inimigos do Estado judeu".Quem são os "inimigos do Estado judeu"?

    São os palestinos cujas terras foram roubadas pelo Estado judeu,cujos lares e oliveiras foram destruídos pelo Estado judeu,cujas crianças foram mortas a tiros nas ruas pelo Estado judeu,cujas mulheres foram abusadas pelo Estado judeu.São palestinos que foram amurados para dentro de guetos,
    que não podem alcançar suas fazendas ou atenção médica ou escolas,que não podem dirigir em estradas na Palestina que foram construídas apenas para israelenses.São palestinos cujas antigas cidades foram invadidas por "colonos" zionistas militantes sob a proteção do exército israelense que bate e persegue os
    palestinos e os manda para fora de suas cidades.São palestinos que não podem deixar seus filhos saírem de casa porque vão ser mortos por "colonos" israelenses.Os palestinos que confrontam a maldade israelense são chamados de "terroristas".Quando Bush forçou eleiçõs livres na Palestina,o povo votou no Hamas.Hamas é a
    organização que bateu de frente com Israel.Isso significa,é claro,que o Hamas é malvado ,anto-semita,anti-americano e terrorista.Os EUA e Israel responderam cortando todas as verbas ao novo governo.Democracia é permitida apenas se produz os resultados que Bush e Israel querem.
    Os israelenses nunca praticam terror.Só aqueles que entram no caminho de Israel são terroristas.
    Outro inimigo do Estado judeu é o Hezbollah.Hezbollah é a milícia de muçulmanos xiitas criada em 1982 quando Israel invadiu o Líbano pela primeira vez.Durante essa invasão o grande e moral Estado judeu arranjou para que refugiados fossem assassinados em campos de refugiados.O resultado das atrocidades de Israel foi o Hezbollah,que lutou contra o exército
    israelense,derrotou-o e o mandou para fora do Líbano.Hoje,o Hezbollah não apenas defende o sul do Líbano mas também provê serviços socias como orfanatos e serviço médico.

    Para ir direto ao ponto,os inimigos do Estado judeu são qualquer país muçulmano não comandado por um fantoche americano amigo de Israel.Egito,Jordânia,Arábia Saudita,e os emirados petrolíferos tem se posto ao lado de Israel contra seus próprios parentes,pois são dependente ou de dinheiro americano ou de proteção americana contra seu próprio povo.Mais cedo ou mais tarde esses governos totalmente corruptos que não representam o povo que comandam vão ser derrubados.É só uma questão de tempo.

    De fato Bush e Israel podem estar apressando o processo em seu esforço frenético para derrubar os governos da Síria e do Irã.Ambos os governos têm mais apoio popular do que Bush,mas o [nota da tradução:sic] Otário da Casa Branca não sabe disso_O Otário pensa que Síria e Irã serão "lavadas" como o Iraque,onde dez orgulhosas divisões do exército americano estão algemados por uns poucos insurgents levemente armados."
  3. Jango

    Jango Branca! Branca! Branca!

    Concordo em muitos pontos. Só devemos ter cuidado para não criar uma onda de ódio aos judeus. O mundo já teve muito dessa coisa.
    Agora pra mim o mais revoltante é ver o governo brasileiro permitir que cidadãos brasileiros sejam assassinados indiferentemente nas terras do Líbano.
    Isso é revoltante.