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A qual história essa música se refere?

Gente tem uma banda muito boa com referencias a tolkien chamada Ainunlindale, e em uma música deles, minha preferida, eles contam uma história que eu não consigo lembrar de quem ou qual é (li O Silmarillion há mt tempo), a música se chama Nevrast, vou por a letra aqui pra vcs lerem e verem se lembram de alguma história.

In the land by the darkest sea
Where no leaf ever turned to green
Nor any man that will ever be
Should find his way back through the streams
There he came as life unseen And faced the sound of waves dying
He watched the stars reflect on him And felt the deep soil muttering.

The roots of the earth in a scream
Stopped him from moving his feet And just as if in a dream
The Voice of the Earth spoke to him
Ase uttered a sound of grief
A lament coming from the deep
The song made him fall to his knees
His hands in the sand, listening

The Voice began low but clearly
A tale full of melancholy
About days no ma has seen
When all the land was blue and green
Here in the woods close to a tree
A life appeared as wavelets on the sea
Whispers grew him across the earth T
he silent forest was watching

I first felt the the cold winter wind
The gentle comforting sea breeze
That filled my lungs so peacefully
And gave birth to a new morning
Now I awake and birds I see
A music floating through the trees
I hear sighes and whisperings
My people, my kind are rising

We looked for a place wandering far
Beyond the edge of many woods
By light of moon and ray of star
In frost and storm, all shivering
To finally reach the Golden hill
A blessed land for those who grieve
We danced and everyday was full of sounds
Witnesses of time's wanderings.

Long years had passed but there it came,
A frozen Winter followed Spring Clouds and rain put an end to games
Of children gently playing
A silent threat defiled the fields
Corrupting even purest things
Doom fell on the Golden Hill

The disease widely spreading
In houses and clans fights arose
Tearing apart many homes Brothers, sisters, fathers, sons,
Evil plan corrupted souls
And soon they all broke the oath
Shedding their own blood on stones
On which they used to sit and sing
And tell old stories, laughing

The elder of the old king's sons
Was the first to leave the hill
Joined by the more gifted ones
He ventured far beyond the seas
To finally come to a coast
That seemed virgin as he got close
To the land that long ago had seen
His own people rising

As centuries of fights and wars
Reduced all forests to ashes
For the last time he went through the doors
And journeyed to the darkest sea
There he stopped and faced the waves
And told his story to the sea
He sang a song long after will be
Only heard by men once
"The Elven Tradegy"

Bom. no começo eu entendo um pouco como a história de Tuor mas mais perto do final eu entendo como se ele tivesse falando do Akallabeth????
Enfim, oq vcs conseguem entender?
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